You Only Need This To Build Muscle

You Only Need This To Build Muscle

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  1. Aye!! I love using the resistance band!! Especially for my push ups! First day I did them, I felt like I had worked out for like 4 hours lol 💪🏽💪🏽✊🏽 ! Thanks for the new exercises!!

  2. Literally Abroad and I’m still doing my boy Chris’s workout and got the equipment this guy legit changes your life not even chatting get both the apps THENX and HERIAPRO

  3. Hello. I`m new to your channel, and I just loved it… I just subbed. Good Job bruh! Cheers from Dominican Republic…. Looking forward to your other vids.

  4. Resistance bands is also good for the joints. Better Muscle tension. I strictly work with bands, save me money on gym and away from those THOTS!!!

  5. Nothing for advanced calisthenics guys Chris? You and your gang always come up with that beginner shit, you know this is not a beginner channel. Show some new stuff we have never seen come on

  6. This is my most favorite video workout you did I love the video, I’m be doing it all the time. More video like this please do a series

  7. This is a perfect example of not needing to waste money on a gym or if you’re a cheap fuck like me 😂, got my self a weighted vest and resistance bands.

  8. I've been working out since 1977. I love the way you innovated the way we can go about it with our own body weight, technique and a few rubber bands. I tell everyone about your app., you tube and web site. Thx. Chris!

  9. Hi Chris and the people reading this comment
    I am a workout beginner and I would like to ask a question
    What is the importance of training your leg?
    I mean in Calisthenics, it seems like important muscles are upper body and tight core
    so i actually cannot understand the importance of training your legs.
    If anybody knows the answer please I would like to know
    I would appreciate any advice that will help me improve my training

  10. Is it rue that the most restiance is applied at the peak of the movement. But for biceps to work fully trough out the movement you can grab the band lower it will be harder but that's how it works. The lower you grab the band the harder it is! Good luck guys!

  11. It's like opening a new bag of burritos. For bodyweight athletes it's like adding a new dimension to the training completely eliminating the weight. Resistance rocks.

  12. You are true on this vídeo. After using Bands on my training, my athleticism increased, my recovery is better. Just one thing I noticed: every movement where must Pull the band, if the band is thick, on the next day my hands (ligaments) are hurt. I solved the problem buying support for the exercises.

  13. I have a doubt, i have anterior pelvic tilt cause am a school student. I workout 4-5 times a week. I wonder if i do all this ab workouts, will i get bloated abs. Can someone plss help

  14. Great video. Chris always manages to bring the content. He has helped inspire my channel and starting to drop the home workout videos. Great work Chris. Keep it coming.

  15. what i like about this channel is that it focuses on all body parts while other “fitness” channels only focus on your arms. this channel has helped me a lot ! keep going chris

  16. Question for anyone that knows what their doing. Is his workout material authentic? There are a few channels out there that criticize his technique and say he doesn't know what he's doing. I enjoy watching his channel would like incorporate his stuff into my routine, but I don't know my stuff well enough to judge.

  17. I can’t loose fat cause im in school 8 hours a day and there is no healthy food in school and i have to have a great day to have motivation to work out after that fucking 8 hours

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