Your True Protein Needs – with Eric Helms and Greg O’Gallagher

Your True Protein Needs – with Eric Helms and Greg O’Gallagher

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  1. At the end of the interview we did on muscle growth, Greg and Eric started talking about what the optimum protein intake is.

    This was so useful, I had to post it as a separate video 😀

  2. Radu, I apologise if this is a very basic/dumb question, but how are you able to calculate your calories and macros so accurately? Any tips to make calorie counting easier? Should I weight out my food perhaps? Any help is appreciated.

  3. Really great content Radu! truly enjoying the amount of quality information you are posting especially as one of the first or even the first Romanian Fitness Youtuber out there! can't wait to see where you will be in 6 months from now! Bravo, tine-o tot asa! Fellow roman aici :)!

  4. Un raspuns vreau si eu in Română.Greg ia doar 120-140 grame pe kg/corp sau pe pounds/lbs sau cum au ei? Ca asta ar insemna 240-280.Mersi,o zi faina.

  5. Shazam failed me, what's the track playing at the start and end? Sick.

    I drop about 1.4g per lbs. Good to know I have some slack there.

  6. Interesting video. Would you recommend basing the calculated amount of protein off total body weight (i.e., including fat mass) or LBM? Just seems that if you have significantly more body fat its going to skew the numbers. It wouldn't seem logical to eat 20, 30 g etc more protein for a given LBM just because someone was fatter?

  7. excellent info bro, thanks a lot for including the conclusion and practical application at the end of the video 👍

  8. Greg is around 78 kilos/170 pounds and eats 130 grams of proteine which makes his intake 1.6 and not 2.0 grams per kilogram like Eric says.

  9. I found setting a medium protein and not stressing about it too much is the best way. Im 160 and go for 140 but if im only at 120 and want some carbs, i'll go with what i want

  10. Excellent video. I always try to aim for my lean body mass in grams of protein per day – im 195lbs right now so around 170g of protein everyday. Keeps me stronger every workout, keeps the size on, and no protein farts haha

  11. Is the level of protein intake determined upon lean body mass or overall body weight? I currently weigh 173lbs, but have a lean body mass of 148lbs.

  12. FOR HEALTH and living disease free, read pages 48-60 from the book "The China Study". You can find the book free if you do an extensive Google search. I am not a plant based eater or any form of vegan. I have reduced my protein consumption from 120 grams/day to about 60 grams a day ( 5'9" 175lbs) with no negative effects . I am following the Warrior Shredding Program, then Greek God Prog. (once I get a 33" waist). At 36" now.

  13. Awks i'm 73kg and i eat 400g of protein a day. Half of it in post workout meal/shake. I feel fine all the time. I don't eat a lot of carbs.

  14. This is BULLSHIT! Anyone quick-cheks the scientific literature will know that the usual recomendations are about half what these guys are saying!

  15. I'm like Eric … hard to hit 1,8-2g/ kg … i can't eat that much meat and i don't like to drink more than one shake/day
    good video tho !
    Bafta in continuare Rade 😀 !

  16. Eric is great in the evidence based fitness industry. I have also learned so much from Menno Henselmans, his friend. Both are in my eyes the best in this field.

  17. 140g of proteins easy to achieve without powders. Chicken, steak, eggs, oats, nuts use a thing like myfitnesspal app you be surprised how much protein you have a day. digital weighing scales help. 200g of chickens breast about 62g throw in a steak 251g steak 62g have 2egg 18g you just hit your daily protein intake. Plus eating things like steak is a lot nicer than drinking a shake.

  18. Everything is different when you r on steroids – protein synthesis – the way you body burns fat – TEF ., TDEE … everything and please do not tell me that this guy looks shredded because he knows more – not being pessimistic here but come on guys – radu is in the business too – and he look different why because he is natural . Period

  19. Bullshit. Following their advise will ruin your progress for losing fat. I was on track with my fat loss with high protein diets then I started eating less protein (.9 g per pound of body weight) and substituted rest of my missing calories with carbs I started losing muscles and my body fat percentage stopped dropping. Low carbs will kill your sex drive but it will give you the maximum results in fat loss.

  20. Wait….Greg talks about 140 Gramm per pound and there is a video in what he says the max of protein is 0,82 gramm per that would be a protein intake of kinda 160 per kilogramm.It must be because he also talks about having more space to include carbs and fats.So Eric got him wrong.He says to him,,So you talkibg about 220 gramm per kilo is that what you say and greg nodded but thats not his real intake

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