Zac Efron 10 Pound Muscle Gain (HARSH TRUTH!!)

Zac Efron 10 Pound Muscle Gain (HARSH TRUTH!!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Man, did I ruffle some feathers this weekend,
or what? The Zac Efron workout and diet video. I mean, good Lord. If you haven’t seen it,
it’s right here and you owe it to yourself to give it a watch. More importantly, scroll
through the comments when you do because it will put into context better what I want to
talk to you about here today. I want to talk about the level of hatred thrown
Zac Efron’s way. This poor kid, I don’t even know him, but I felt bad for him because
a lot of people – not everybody, certainly not everybody – a lot of people want to
attribute everything he got – they want to attribute his physique, they want to attribute
his gains in preparation for his movie, they want to attribute everything to steroids. They don’t know him, they never trained
with him, they don’t hang out with him, but they want to guarantee that’s what it
is. Why? Because he looks better than they do. Guys, I see this all too often and it
pisses me off. I’m going to rant today and I hope, if you need to put the ear muffs on
and the kids around you, you’re going to have to do that. The fact of the matter is, why are we always
so quick to say that about everybody that does look better than us? Let’s keep in mind,
he’s 165lbs to 170lbs. Do you think that’s an unattainable physique? If you do, you’re
watching the wrong channel. Shit, I sit up here all the time and preach to you about
how possible it is. If you train like and athlete to look like
an athlete, being ripped and also to carry lean muscle, and to maximize the amount that
you can naturally carry. It’s unbelievable. You should see the comments about it. “This
is crazy. This is bullshit. You can never do this without doing Zac’s steroid regimen.
You could never do this without The Rock feeding you steroids. You can never do this without a personal chef,
without all day to train, with nothing to do but train, without the highest level personal
trainer.” Guys, first of all, as far as a personal trainer goes you’ve got a pretty
damn good one here giving you guys free videos each and every week. I hope you’ve learned
something from my videos that would allow you to make gains and see progress and results. I could tell you, I don’t condone steroid
use. Not in the least bit. I am the biggest anti-steroid guy standing here on YouTube.
I was a guy that grew up in a household where my father would have killed me if I did anything.
Any drug! He told me “Jeff, if you ever do anything and I catch you, get out of the house.
Get out! I’m going to make it easy. I’m going to pack all your shit, I’m going to put it
out on the lawn, you can come and take it, but don’t ever show back up here again.” Now, coming from a divorced household I had
nowhere else to go. I was scared to death. So not only did I not do anything, I never
drank, I never did a drug, I never tried a drug, I never drank anything. Even through
college. Nothing. I was just clean and boring as I possibly could be. I say it all the time.
I live a pretty boring life. But, I’m proud of it and I’m proud to be able to stand here
as an example to you to inspire you of what is capable and possible if you train hard. But we don’t know about Zac. If you think
that all this is unattainable, 165lbs-170lbs physique, all came from the fact that he put
on 10lbs in a year. That’s something that doesn’t happen? Guys, that’s less than a pound
a month. If you understand the fact that he used heavy training for the first time ever
in his training program. If you’re out there and you’re a 26 year old kid who’s never trained
before, I can guarantee you that you have lots of gains waiting for you. Lots of them. I don’t even care if you’re 40 or 60. If
you’ve never trained heavy in your life and you start training heavy, those strength gains
will lead to size gains. You’re going to see some noticeable signs, especially like I said,
if you’ve never done it before. I don’t think Zac Efron was ever training really seriously
before. If you look at his physique, I’m not trying to knock him, but he was lean, but
didn’t look like he ever really trained heavy; like he was ever really taking it seriously. But when you start training seriously you
start training with The Rock and let me tell you something, even at 40 years old, can I
make a 10lb gain in one year? Probably not. Not having trained all this time and reached
my potential at this point; probably not. But I tell you what, when you get The Rock
as my training partner? Fuck, I’m getting some shit done because I would love to train
with The Rock. Having the motivation that guy provides me every single workout would
guarantee me some gains, I can tell you that. Even when I thought there was no gains to
squeeze out of my physique. I could guarantee some gains. So what’s the point of this whole
video? Why are we here revisiting this? Because it’s the mentality that I want to drive home
here. Don’t use that accusation as an excuse for you to excuse yourself from hard work.
That’s what it’s all about. I can’t obtain what he is. I’m going to say he is getting
it all from steroids and I can’t attain those gains because I’m not willing to go down that
same road. Therefore, I’m not doing shit. That is the
most horrible mentality that you could possibly have. The most horrible, loser mentality that
you could possibly have. If you’re willing to put in the hard work, success and gains
await you, I promise you. But how hard are you willing to work? Not hard. I bet you the
guys that say all that stuff, they don’t really like working out anyway. They were
looking for the easiest way out so they didn’t have to work out. That, my friends, that’s
not what we’re here for. Not what this channel is about. I cater to
the guys that want to train and train hard and squeeze every ounce out of what they have
because there’s a lot in you if you start learning to train the right way. I can tell
you, the excuses continue to roll on. “I don’t have that chef. I don’t that personal trainer
like that. I don’t have all day to train.” Guys, come on. Where are we going with this?
I mean, all it takes is about 30 minutes of hard training a day. I do workouts here that would knock the average
man on his ass in 10 minutes. You don’t have 10 minutes? I bet you if you looked at
your favorite TV shows and figured out a way that you could find 10 minutes you would.
I bet you if you figured out one less hit up on Facebook all day, or hit on Facebook
throughout the whole day you’d probably find an accumulative 30 minutes that you could
devote to train. That’s all it’s going to take, if you’re willing to train hard. But a lot of guys aren’t willing to do that.
Personally, I stand here and tell you I’ve been running a full time job, I have two premature
twins back on January 6th, one of which is still in the hospital. I’ve been to the hospital
almost every single day since January 6th to spend quality time with my son and I still
have a family, and I still have my job to run, and I still have all my videos that I
want to make for you guys. Guess how many of those I’ve missed? I think one. I think one. Guess how many workouts I’ve
missed in that time? Maybe one. Guess whose fault it was when I missed that workout? 100%
my asses fault because I just didn’t make the time that day. I had no excuses. I could
have made the time. If it means something to you, you’ll make the time for it. When
you want to start laying all the excuses down for you so it makes it nice and easy for you
to discredit everybody else, that’s bullshit. Just because they look better than you? Like I said, his physique is obtainable, guys.
It’s totally obtainable. If you’re at 165lbs and you think that it’s not in the cards for
you at 5%, or 6%, or 7% body fat is not in the cards for you then you’re lazy and you
don’t want to work. I’m happy to help you work and I’m happy to lay down everything
you guys need to do that. I’ve been doing it over here now for six years and I try to
stand in front of you as your, sort of, beacon of hope. I’m going to be your motivation because that’s
what I feel like is my responsibility to do. To lead by example. If I haven’t led you by
example enough for you to understand that’s obtainable then I don’t know what I’ve been
teaching. The fact of the matter is, stop using excuses. Stop using them. You’ve got
them all. I don’t have a personal chef. I know a lot of baseball players that have a
lot more money than I do and they don’t have personal chefs. They just care about it. They care about the
end goal more than you might. You’ve got to start caring if you want to see results from
it. All right, guys. I’m done. I’m done ranting. I don’t even know Zac Efron. Poor kid. It’s
like I’m sitting here defending Zac Efron and I don’t even know the kid. I don’t.
I don’t even care about him, to be honest with you. No offense, Zac. I don’t really
care about him. It’s just this blanket excuse that a lot of guys use. This blanket accusation that everybody wants
to run to as fast as they can because it gives them the out that they’re looking for. Stop
looking for outs. Start pouring some of that energy into lifting the fucking weights and
I’ll tell you, you’ll see a lot more results from doing that, okay? A lot more from your
hard effort you’re going to get from doing that. You’re going to be way more productive. Guys, if you’re looking for a channel that
doesn’t bullshit you, that puts it out there the way it is, and tells it like it is; I
hope you’ve found this channel to be that channel. Amongst a sea of YouTube channels
that maybe don’t do that for you. I’m happy to do it every single time I’m here. There’s
no agenda on this channel. I’m just trying to be as real as I can, preach what I preach,
and live by example. I hope you guys are inspired by that. You
can subscribe to our channel for that anytime you want. In the meantime, I’ll be back here,
guys, in just a couple of days. Make sure you leave your comments and thumbs up below
and also, let me know what you want to see on this channel and I’m happy to do any and
all of that for you guys. I want to cover what you guys want to see. By the way, tonight’s video was supposed to
be a knee video on meniscal tears, ACL and MCL damage. I think I got a little bit off
track, but this was certainly necessary. I felt like it had to be addressed given the
uproar that we cause over the weekend. So I hope you’ll pardon me for that. I will get
back to that video very soon. All right, guys. I’ll see you back here soon.

100 Replies to “Zac Efron 10 Pound Muscle Gain (HARSH TRUTH!!)”

  1. I like Jeff and I like David Goggins. There… you a feel of the type of people I respect and "listen to"

  2. Loved his words. On instagram and on YouTube whenever i comment against people who talk these kind of shit,they always answer back and those answers makes me think why am i wasting time on these fucktards! People out there if also people use steroids,hardwork is put in behind that physique and people who don't want to workout then please do not speak.

  3. ive been following jeff since nov last year, now its august and im 5'11 27 yrs old and have gone from 123 lbs to 125 lbs. I look muscular when im flexing but when not flexing there isnt much difference. I dedicate 2 hours a day 6 days a week to working out and cooking/nutrition, and get 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Maybe for my base weight that was a good increase? Sometimes I really question if im wasting my life doing this or not, i want to be able to say I did 1 full year though before i even think about quitting. He said 1lb muscle gain per month is very achievable and it discourages me as much as it motivates me to push harder.

  4. You are right I went down from 298 to 265 in 11 weeks finally by doing some thing and using I get bored going by myself as a. Excuse but now going and hard work I’m finally getting some results in a good way even if I’m negative a lot of the time just won’t let it beat me from doing what I have too do

  5. Just worry about yourself. I don't care how big you are or ripped. Someone will step into the gym, bigger and more ripped than you. Don't waste your energy on insecurities. Put that energy into another set. If the bar ain't bendin, your just pretendin haha

  6. Love it in the gym when you haven’t seen few people for a while and ya look well, first thing out there month “what ya taking like”😂

  7. He probably does supplement like that, just because studios sure as heck don't appreciate "ifs" when it comes to actors achieving or not achieving certain fitness goals. And most of them probably don't admit it because they don't have to, and why should they? The problem isn't steroids, it's ignorance and general assholery. Most men could probably benefit from a bit of "TRT", as it were.

  8. And, of course, in an instant people start pouring their sad life stories from accidents and what not… There's no helping it. No one in Youtube cares about your stories, people. "I got this, I got that…" Well, tough shit. Clench your teeth and start training. And please stop with these passive attempts to draw attention.

  9. I think there's no doubt a lot of Hollywood action stars do use PEDs. Some of the transformation in just months are just a bit too much to be believable.
    But I'd say Effron's physique is achievable with discipline and hard work.
    He's had a decent physique for a while but just muscled on upping training, extra protein while watching the junkie carbs.
    And I'd also say the busier you are, the easier to stay on track with your dietary goals. Boredom muddies focus so having too much time on your hands isn't necessarily a good thing.
    Lastly if Jeff is anti steroid, does he really believe the Rock is clean?

  10. I used to watch Mr. Olympia bodybuilders and get inspired and wonder if I could get to that level without steroids. I worked hard for years. Although I may have been naive I was putting in the work.

  11. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s subjective idiots making absolutely baseless assumptions. Jeff’s frustration is very understandable.

    People like this are literally the reason this world is going down the sh*tter. People quick to judge others who are accused of something before they have prove and therefore ruining their life etc.

  12. Gotta be honest if I had to put money on it… I’d say he’s on the gas! Not hating if I was a movie star I’d be doing it too! 😂

  13. Love this video , you've definitely been guiding me to see progress. "If it means something to you make the time for it " words to live by. I am truly grateful for you and these video. Presson brov

  14. But the Rock is on so much steroids… I don't think simply training with him will make you have more gains.

  15. jeff you have great genes put more work and dedication into training, your life is fitness and zac efron has gotten a comparable physique to you arguably leaner in a period of less than a year. im no hater I have built a great natural physique too but ik the work it takes to stay that lean and obv I cant say for sure but most likely he has some help from the "medicine"

  16. Jeff please answer this question… I have been training for years and noticed that I haven’t been able to improve as much as I’d like. I stopped for a month or two and gained so much weight. How do I make sure I am getting the most out of my workouts? I follow your workout and meal plans. I am a very hard worker inside and out of gym. PLEASE ADVISE

  17. I think because he himself said he did too much alcohol and drugs in interviews people jump to the conclusion that he is someone that could/would do steroids. You are right though, if he did steroids he would probably be a lot bigger. You can make big gains in a year if you're starting from nothing.

  18. Just powerlift. The lazy mans program. Lift strong twice a week and then go jerk off all you want. You'll feel like you have too much time afterwards, now you're addicted!

  19. It's all about the illusion lean equals looking bigger works every time.
    trick the bitchez. And don't let me even get started on vascularity. You show some veins the entire world is going to start pointing fingers and accusing you of steroid use

  20. Rock is on all of the roids period What a coincidence on the set of baywatch so if Zach, Lol get off the Hollywood dicks Jeff

  21. I workout 5 days a week even when I don't feel like it. I eat for purpose, not pleasure and I am learning to be my own personal chef. It isn't easy but my gains out weight my laziness. There are no excuses except the ones you create for yourself. I have dropped from 30% body fat to 18% and I haven't begun to meet my goals set for myself. Keep pumping everyone. No excuses.

  22. There’s fucking people that take roids that looooook like shit seriously. Smh who gives a shit stay within yourself, worry about yourself lmao good video jeff

  23. ugh i hate idea of weight gain from training weight who needs dead weight hanging i like more bikking and swimming and maby som bodyweight training

  24. So I’ve been around 155 lbs the last 5 months, I’ve been trying to gain muscle mass, eating as much as I can and lifting 4-5 days a week without cardio. I only gained 2-3 pounds in that time frame. I went to GNC and they got me the best creatine and BCAA products they had and using the same routine and diet I’ve gained 7 pounds in the past 2 weeks

  25. Nothing to do with Zac effron..
    I just started watching your videos.
    Love them.
    Great ideas an motavation.
    Any advice to help a type 1 diabetic to lose constant weight…..?

  26. Man, have people even seen how much hardwork he put for his movie, the crazy number of pull-ups and pure Calisthenics which requires enormous strength. He ate chicken and took protein every two hours, "When I was not on doing an interview I was eating", is what he said. And he's got great genes!!

  27. It is quite simple -> it is quite a golden rule = "Never trust a person, who looks better than you!" (shape, physique, clothes, etc. – no matter) … 😀

  28. THUMBS UP!
    then watch!



  29. So impressed by the level of realism you bring to every video, Jeff. Well said. We should not be pointing fingers, but rather look to achieve our own goals. Tearing down others is not the way of a leader in any field.

  30. Even if Zac does use steroids why do you care? If you think steroids is the answer to getting to his size then go use steroids then, otherwise stfu and lift naturally like everyone else. Also I live in a country with a lot of pacific islanders, I can assure you that they are simply born big, if they went on a cut they will already be buffer than Jeff just from dieting alone.

  31. Thanks to Jeff my bench press has gone from 85lbs to 135 in 4 months. My squat from 25lb plates for 4 reps to 45’s for 10. My lat pulldowns from 70lbs to 120lbs. All i ever hear is Jeff saying “time under tension” “hold the contraction” “focus on the eccentrics” “mechanical tension”. Gains! Thank you Jeff!

  32. It is the same mindset with rich people. Poor/low middle class people tend to see "rich" people and assume they are an asshole, or they must work all the time, be depressed, etc. People just want to excuse their lazyness or unhealthy habits.

  33. Talking about personal trainer Your youtube videos are literally my personal trainer
    I can't afford a trainer but your video helped me learn a lot for my workouts

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